Incorporated in 1913, Reedley, with a population of over 24,000, is an agricultural community in southeast Fresno County . The beautiful Kings River flows through the community and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, skiing, rafting and swimming. More fresh fruit produce is grown and shipped from Reedley than from any other area of the world. There are over thirty fruit and vegetable packing facilities in Reedley including the world’s largest plant, Ito Packing Company.

Reedley Community College, with an enrollment of 6,500 students, is located in Reedley. Reedley has long been recognized as a progressive community and a very desirable community in which to live and work.

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Orange Cove was incorporated in 1948. The rural atmosphere is located on popular Highway 63 to Kings Canyon & Sequoia Parks. Pine Flat Lake/Dam is nearby. Situated at the edge of the Sierra Foothills, Orange Cove produces major crops such as citrus, tree fruit & grapes. The Council encourages development: commercial, industrial & residential.

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Parlier was incorporated in 1921 and it is the center of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley in Fresno County .Parlier has a population of 12,058. It’s ideally situated about 200 miles north of Los Angeles and about the same distance south of San Francisco and Sacramento . Parlier is the center and 12 mile radial point for a service community area of over 100,000 people. Parlier is centrally located to serve the vast California market of over 30 million people. Its proximity to major highway networks and rail service makes Parlier an attractive business location. Recreational opportunities in the Sierra Nevada ‘s are within an of hour time from Parlier. Parlier has a strong labor force, good infrastructure and a city government committed to making it a city that is supportive of business.

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Squaw Valley, CA, population 2,691, is located in California’s Fresno County, about 30 miles from Fresno and 95.4 miles from Bakersfield. Through the 90’s Squaw Valley’s population has grown by about 25%.

The community of Squaw Valley is rich in history pertaining to the Mono Indian tribe and ranching. The Annual Squaw Valley Rodeo is held each year in the spring.

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