Parlier was incorporated in 1921 and it is the center of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley in Fresno County .Parlier has a population of 12,058. It’s ideally situated about 200 miles north of Los Angeles and about the same distance south of San Francisco and Sacramento . Parlier is the center and 12 mile radial point for a service community area of over 100,000 people. Parlier is centrally located to serve the vast California market of over 30 million people. Its proximity to major highway networks and rail service makes Parlier an attractive business location. Recreational opportunities in the Sierra Nevada ’s are within a couple of hours time from Parlier. Parlier has a strong labor force, good infrastructure and a city government committed to making it a city that is supportive of business.

Form of Government:
Council – Manager

Local Newspaper:
Parlier Post
1130 G. Street
Reedley , California 93654
Phone: 638-2244
FAX: 638-5021

January 1, 2004 State of California Department of Finance Information:

Population 12,262
Number of Housing Units 2,835
Vacancy Rate 7.48%
Average Household Size 4.64

April 1, 2000 U.S. Census Information:

Population 11,145
Number of Housing Units 2,644
Vacancy Rate 7.49%
Average Household Size 4.51
Median Household Income $24,539
Per Capital Income $7,078


Race/Ethnic Distribution
White 1.70%
Hispanic 96.97%
Black 0.08%
American/Indian & Alaskan Native 0.16%
Asian & Pacific Islander 0.67%
Other 0.41%


Age Distribution
0 – 19 Years 42.12%
20 – 44 Years 39.85%
45 – 64 Years 13.15%
65 Years and older 4.88%
Median Age 23.9%


Percent of Persons Below Poverty 36.02%
Unemployment Rate 26.98%


Educational Attainment of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older
Percent High School Graduate or Higher 58.22%
Percent Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 2.72%


Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Percent Owner-Occupied 58.22%
Percent Renter-Occupied 41.78%
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Units $81,400
Median Rent of Renter-Occupied Units $434
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