Incorporated in 1913, Reedley, with a population of 21,753, is an agricultural community in southeast Fresno County . The beautiful Kings River flows through the community and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, skiing, rafting and swimming. More fresh fruit produce is grown and shipped from Reedley than from any other area of the world. There are thirty fruit and vegetable packing facilities in Reedley including the world’s largest plant, Ito Packing Company.

Reedley Community College, with an enrollment of 6,500 students, is located in Reedley. Reedley has long been recognized as a progressive community and a very desirable community in which to live and work.

Form of Government: Council – Manager

Local Newspaper:
Reedley Exponent
1130 G. Street
Reedley , CA 93654
Phone: 638-2244
FAX: 638-5021
January 1, 2004 State of California Department of Finance Information:

Population 21,753
Number of Housing Units 6,099
Vacancy Rate 3.53%
Average Household Size 3.63

April 1, 2000 U.S. Census Information:

Population 20,756
Number of Housing Units 5,972
Vacancy Rate 3.53%
Median Household Income $34,682
Per Capital Income $12.096


Race/Ethnic Distribution
White 26.27%
Hispanic 67.59%
Black 0.20%
American/Indian & Alaskan Native 0.32%
Asian & Pacific Islander 4.21%
Other 1.41%


Age Distribution
0 – 19 Years 35.85%
20 – 44 Years 37.67%
45 – 64 Years 15.19%
65 Years and older 11.29%
Median Age 28.7%


Median Household Income $34,682
Per capital Income $12,096
Percent of Persons Below Poverty 23.81%
Unemployment Rate 23.10%


Educational Attainment of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older
Percent High School Graduate or Higher 59.19%
Percent Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 14.42%


Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Percent Owner-Occupied 61.22%
Percent Renter-Occupied 38.78%
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Units $104,200
Median Rent of Renter-Occupied Units $526
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