Orange Cove Station

Construction of the Orange Cove station was completed in May of 2007. This new and modern 4000 square foot facility provides a very comfortable and safe working environment for the crew. This facility also added the capabilities of a satellite billing office for the citizens in the area.

A secure and beautifully landscaped area within the property is enjoyed by the crews working 24 hours shifts. The station is equipped with a call alert system that activates lights and broadcast the dispatch centers announcement to a call.

The Orange Cove unit responds to calls within and around the City of Orange Cove, and serves as a back up unit to the Reedley and Squaw Valley Stations. Orange Cove also is a back up to Tulare County.

First responders for the area include the Orange Cove Fire Protection District, Fresno County Fire, and the Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

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