Reedley Station

The Reedley Station was built in 2001 and designed to be the company headquarters capable of housing up to six ambulances, 10 crew members, billing office, administration office, and training facility.

Every aspect of the companies function was examined and studied during the design of the building. The training facility is able to function separate from the operations and billing office to ensure security as well as a quality training environment.

The office and crew areas are separated by the training center and administration office which allows the two different staffing functions to work independently, yet have access to each other.

The four bedrooms were designed with sound buffers between them and the day room area, allowing a quite rest area from the noise of the daily activity. Extra sound board was also installed to minimize the outside noise from traffic.

A laundry facility enables the crew to do onsite cleaning of their uniforms. There are a total of five restrooms within the building, computer server room, upstairs storage, five ground level storage rooms, and a wash rack for the ambulances.

The driving patterns for the ambulances ensure all forward driving and no need for backing. Two iron gates enclose the employee parking lot along with an 8′ block wall.

Sequoia Safety Council takes great pride in its facilities, and strives to enhance the communities we serve by building attractive and efficient stations.

First responder agencies that assist with medical calls are the Reedley Volunteer Fire Department, Parlier Volunteer Fire Department, Fresno County Fire Department, and the Reedley Police Department.

Beckenhauer Construction was the contractor; Reedley Landscape Center designed and built the beautiful landscape around the complex.

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